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Skate Dot Design Workshop

18 June 2023

10:00 -12:00

It is essential for public spaces to be designed and developed with the community and users at the heart of it. The Skate Dot Design Workshop, inspired by the City Mill Skate research project, is hosted by architect and designer, Adrienne Lau, and the co-directors of Keep Rolling Project, Rachael Sherlock and Aurore Roussel. Using simple materials and tools, Barnet’s young skaters and skateboarders will be invited to participate in the design of their dream skate dots, multi-purpose urban objects for our streets, parks and neighbourhoods.

The workshop is a unique opportunity for young people to engage in creative learning and idea sharing. Participants will design objects and architecture that reflect their unique vision and ideas, while exploring new materials and techniques. The workshop fosters problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and inspires collaboration and creativity.

Young people between the ages of 12-17 can sign up for the event through the link below



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The Edgy Collective

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Image: Keep Rolling Project


The Board Room, Unitas, Barnet Youth Zone

Barnet Youth Zone, Montrose Avenue, Edgware

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