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Let’s Meet on the Edge

15 June - 13 July

‘Let’s Meet on the Edge’ is composed of three nature-based creative reuse installations, starting at Station Road and reaching up to the High Streets that will provide residents and visitors to Edgware with an alternative map to Edgware for the Festival, highlighting local histories which have been lost in urban development and disconnected green spaces.

At Edgware Station the installation will create a buzz by providing a home for invertebrates and provide nature wayfinding for people. At Garden City a real garden will greet visitors who can relax or play music. Bakery Path will serve as a portal to a secret green space, while celebrating the town’s agricultural past.

This design by locally based 'Edgy Collective' Adrienne Lau, Daniella Levene and Leila Taheri was selected as the result of an LFA design competition 'More Edgware, Less Anywhere' run in partnership with Barnet Council, Ballymore and TfL. The winning team will further harness local talent by employing local artists, and fabricators in the delivery of their installations.

The installations will be accompanied by their own community festival programme.

Read their manifesto ‘Let’s Meet on the Edge’ below and keep your eyes and ears out for it at the installations!

We meet on the edges
At the cusp of warm beginnings
Doorways & entrances; landmarks & unnamed verges
To go forward together

We meet on the edges
A wave of memory washes over us
Stink pipes breathe life
A brook’s wateryness implores us to seek

We meet on the edges
The Saxon Ecgi and his winking weir A pond for his people to fish
To know a place and to thrive

We meet on the edges
Nature, nature, nature
Growing on pavements, in alleys, in plain sight, hidden in signs Beckoning exploration

Let’s meet on the edges
On the brink of mundane and mystery
Map urban and natural infrastructure through design
And unlock magic

Let’s see with mossy eyes
Mingle our natural currents
Trace the line of historical parallels Invite the source –
Welling from the ground and hearts Pouring into green ears

Let’s meet on the edges in Edgware.

This project is an London Festival of Architecture Design Competition in partnership with Barnet Council, Ballymore and TfL



The Edgy Collective

Instagram: @thinking_out_lau

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Image: Garden City, 2023. Adrienne Lau, Daniella Levene and Leila Taheri


Station Road, Edgware

Station Road, Edgware

Three installation sites visible from station road:
1 Outside Edgware Station
2 Garden City
3 Bakery Path

Nearest station: Edgware (Northern Line)


Wheelchair accessible
Level Access and Automatic Doors (or No Doors)
Assistance dogs welcome

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