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Creatures of the Night

17 June 2023

21:30 -23:30

Immerse yourself in the magic of the nocturnal world, where myriad creatures stir under the veil of darkness, shielded from predatory eyes. Humans, too, may struggle to witness this hidden spectacle, yet there exist methods to reveal these night dwellers, and we invite you to experience it firsthand. Join us for a mesmerising evening shrouded in twilight as we venture in search of enigmatic moths and elusive bats.

As part of this unique event run by Harrow Nature Conservation Forum, we will gently lure moths using a powerful illumination, granting us a closer look at their intricate beauty. Rest assured, our approach is designed to ensure their safety, with all our moth guests released unharmed back into the night at the conclusion of the event. Their captivating presence often attracts bats, adding another layer to our nocturnal exploration. Equipped with handheld bat detectors, we'll peek into the world of these fascinating mammals, identifying their species as they swoop and dive in the night sky.

Throughout the evening, we'll document our findings and quantify our observations, a crucial practice known as biological recording. This process aids in our understanding of the impacts of environmental changes on local wildlife populations, contributing to broader ecological knowledge.

Given the intensity of the light we'll use to attract moths, we recommend attendees who possess polarized sunglasses to bring them along for comfort. For those without, we'll have safety eyewear available to ensure everyone's experience is both enjoyable and safe. Join us, and step into a world seldom seen, teeming with life in the captivating silence of the night.
This event is part of the London Festival of Architecture 'More Edgware, Less Anywhere' Festival, a month-long pop-up event celebrating Edgware and bringing nature to the high street through design interventions and community events.



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