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Collage / Commons Walk and Workshop

04 June 2023

14:00 -16:30

Join artist and London National Park City Ranger Becky Lyon for an exploratory art walk and workshop in the shared green-and-blue spaces of Colindale, a neighbourhood in the Barnet Plateau aka the London Borough of Barnet! Looping through Colindale Park, Montrose Park and Silk Stream Park we will tune into soils, waters and skies as a method of engaging with place and finding connection, community and commonality with the land and the species we cohabit with.

We’ll think about the role of these green spaces in the neighbourhood, how ‘natural’ and ‘civic’ borders and boundaries might differ and we’ll use collage as a technique to create collective artworks that reflect our shared experience of the ecology. As the neighbourhood undergoes significant change and reflects a patchwork of experiences and life-ways, collage becomes a method for processing existing materials and reconfiguring them to identify relationships, generate renewed perspectives and illuminate diversity.



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Becky Lyon

Twitter: @elastic_fiction
Instagram: @elastic_fiction

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Image: Becky Lyon


Colindale Community Library

Colindale Library, 7 Bristol Ave, London NW9 4BR

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