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Memorandum of Understanding

Thanks for being part of the London Festival of Architecture (LFA).

In order for you and your events to be part of LFA2023 we need you to agree to the following Memorandum of Understanding. Please take a moment to read the following agreement.


What we need from you:

Before or During Event

  • We need you to adhere to our festival submission deadlines. We can only promote the events that we have information on. And as a small team there are limits to what we can do after the deadlines have passed.
  • We need you to adhere to LFA guidance around the content and marketing of your event, information about this can be found in the LFA account section.
  • It may sound silly but if you submit an event, we need you to make sure it happens as it’s described. Our reputation depends on your events being delivered as we’ve promoted them. We know sometimes things go wrong. In which case you need to let us know as soon as possible so we can alter our publicity and manage expectations.
  • We need you to promote the LFA through your organisation’s website, newsletter and social media channels as well as to promote your own events.
  • We need you to display agreed LFA branding at every event so that people know you are part of the festival and so they can find your event. Every year people struggle to find some festival events – the branding is there to help!
  • We (may) need you to provide 2 free tickets for the LFA staff or key partners for each event.

Post Event:

  • We need to know how your event went and how many people attended. By submitting an event you agree to complete the LFA’s audience monitoring survey and post event questionnaire. We need these audience numbers, photography and other documentation returned by 28 July 2023.
  • We need photos of your event to help promote your participation and your future events. If you have a professional photographer, that’s great – please make sure they document your events and that they grant us and the media the right to use these images. Otherwise please take a few photos yourselves that we can use


What we’ll provide in return:

  • We’ll list your events on the festival’s programme, and where appropriate via social media and printed guide. You’ll be part of the world’s largest architecture festival – having been selected to participate by our team and curatorial panel.
  • You’ll gain access to the LFA Organisers’ portal with new features being released shortly. We’ll provide an LFA Event Organisers pack, alongside other useful resources to help make your event the best it can be, including guidance around marketing.
  • You’ll have the backing of a small but dedicated and hardworking festival team, doing their best to support you, your events and your profession.
  • We’ll invite you to one of our community events or surgeries where you’ll be able to meet other festival organisers, gain ideas, network, ask questions and learn.
  • We’ll provide one or two tickets to the LFA’s opening party per organiser– London’s best architectural party and networking event (Tickets depending on venue capacity).
  • And…. for Patrons and other LFA supporters we’ll provide additional support, guidance and publicity for your events. After all, your financial support keeps the festival running. Find out more about how you can support the festival financially using the following link: Support the festival


Other Key information:

  • London Festival of Architecture is not liable for the funding, delivery, success or safety of events included in the programme.
    Both guidance around health and safety, successful event delivery and risk assessments are provided by the LFA.
  • LFA event organisers shall hold harmless London Festival of Architecture or its employees, with respect to all claims, demands, actions, costs, expenses, losses, damages and all other liabilities arising from or incurred by reason of the actions and/or omissions of the event organiser in relation to their LFA event. It shall be the responsibility of the event organiser to manage and pay for any liabilities arising throughout the development and delivery of their event.
  • Our Press team will use their judgement to identity particularly media-friendly events to provide additional publicity. We ask you to understand that not all events can receive the same level of publicity and to respect their judgement. They can’t promote submissions we receive late.
  • Many people will find out about your events thanks to the publicity that others generate. You also agree to cross- promote LFA and Partners’ events through all your communication channels to return the favour.


Current at 01/2023