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LFA & Network Rail reveal ‘Over Here’ by Iain Jamieson and Zoë Power


© Luke O’Donovan

We’re thrilled to unveil the design of ‘Over Here’ installation, designed by Iain Jamieson in collaboration with artist Zoë Power – the winning project in the LFA and Network Rail’s Pop Up Bike Parking – located in South Westminster, outside Victoria Station. We would like to thank Transport for London for letting us use the space for the mural outside Victoria Station.

Launched last year, the competition sought to ease passengers’ onward journeys from road to rail network, by offering simple, safe, and imaginative bike storage solutions outside London’s biggest mainline stations. LFA and Network Rail invited architects, designers, and built environment professionals to submit creative ideas for bike parking solutions and improve sustainable transport options across the capital.

‘Over Here’ proposes a multi coloured bike rack designed by Iain Jamieson, created to help resolve a common source of stress for commuter cyclists at stations. Cyclists will be able to spot available bike parking from distance, thanks to colourful markers above the rack which indicate when a space is free. When parking a bike, the bike’s front wheel pushes a counterweight, which in turn rotates a marker that sits above each parking space – clearly indicating when a stand is in use. The design makes finding a space to lock up quick and easy when popping into the station or rushing for your train.

Each marker is designed by Zoë Power, a Bristol-based mural artist, whose colourful design adds an extra level of playfulness to the scheme. Behind the parking spaces is Zoë Power’s bold and playful mural, which brings life and colour to the station’s entrance.

‘Over Here’ offers an innovative take on traditional bike parking solutions, and has been designed in modular components, with the potential for this to be replicated and trialled across various mainline stations in London. The project centres around collaboration and offers the opportunity to adapt the design to different sites, by working with a range of artists to deliver unique, station specific artwork as the cycle parking is rolled out to other key transport nodes across the capital.

© Luke O’Donovan

The stands themselves have been fabricated by Jon Llyod and will be in place throughout the entirety of June 2022 during the London Festival of Architecture.

The ‘Pop-Up Bike Parking’ competition was judged by an expert panel, including:

  • Anthony Dewar (network technical head buildings and architecture, Network Rail)
  • Frank Anatole (principal architect, Network Rail)
  • Tim Dunn (railway historian and TV presenter)
  • Rosa Rogina (director, London Festival of Architecture)
  • Paul Priestman (director, PriestmanGoode)
  • Sarah Wigglesworth (director, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects)


About Iain Jamieson

Iain Jamieson is an energetic designer who likes to bring excitement and joy into the public realm. With collaboration at the heart of many projects that he works on, he aims to add a colourful creation to everyday life. With a range of experience from a diverse set of studios located in the UK, Beijing and Amsterdam, Iain is interested in the fictional architecture of film and gaming, and the role that narrative can play in the development of the contemporary city.
Instagram: @iain_jamieson


About Zoë Power
Zoë Power is a street artist, printmaker and illustrator from Bristol. She works around the UK, painting huge walls to create unique and much-loved landmarks. Her signature style is bright and bold, putting people at the heart of her work. Zoë’s work aims to be joyous, body positive and depict people as agents for change. Having studied printmaking and sign writing, her work is informed by traditional painting and printing techniques. Zoë’s work is inspired by cubism, letter forms and the environment, with themes in her artwork touching upon connection, community and feminism.
Instagram/Twitter: @zoepowpower

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