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Tour of the Thames Barrier Park

03 June 2023

11:00 -11:45

Take a tour of one of London's largest parks, guided by Andrew Taylor, Director at Patel Taylor. The innovative use of landscape architecture, materials and planting has transformed a once derelict brownfield site into a rich and inviting public space. The 9ha area, covering the north bank of the River, was one of the most important landscape and urban design challenges of recent years. The space marries together the natural form of the park with the surrounding industrial docklands, creating a harmonious and enticing public recreation area. Andrew will talk through Patel Taylor’s design decisions which led to the park becoming a special place of cultural significance with its own clear identity.



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Patel Taylor

Twitter: @PatelTaylor
Instagram: @patel_taylor

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Image: Patel Taylor


Thames Barrier Park

London E16 2HP
London E16 2HP



Wheelchair accessible
Level Access and Automatic Doors (or No Doors)
Assistance dogs welcome
Accessible toilet
Baby Changing Facility
Quiet Space

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