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The Bubble

24 June 2023

13:00 -22:00

“To uphold, inflate and see ourselves in boundless space might help us break down categorical and psychical walls in how we see each other.”

An ambient membrane is inflated and becomes the bubble.
An inflated space for deep listening and play and focusing on alternative states of togetherness.


HYPNOSIS ~ 2-3pm
the day will begin with a hypnotherapy experiment led by Michele Occelli
The hypnotherapy will be limited to 20 people in this session.

PLAY ~ 3pm - 7pm
After this the bubble will be an open free space for all to enjoy together.

POETRY ~ 7pm - 10pm
In the evening there will be a poetry session, which will be an open floor to any who would like to read.

Ben Khan, an artist, musician and architectural designer from the AA school in London has been developing a project under ‘More Human Systems’ exploring potentials of experimental space making.
More Human Systems is about making a commitment to the human being in an ever-expanding technocratic landscape, prioritising alternative states of togetherness.

"In a familiar place
an inflated structure pushes outward
to the limits of the space.
Entering the bubble
you cross the threshold into boundless space.
no familiar objects or furnishings
no familiar thresholds or walls
no straight lines or defined edges
no reference point but the other bodies
within the space
In an instant, this portal opens
and an intermediary
by creating this doorway
opens the possibility of being in between
a passage leading from the world of waking
to the world of dreams"



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More Human systems

Twitter: @/ben__khan
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Bedford Square Gardens

20 Bedford Square, London


Assistance dogs welcome
Quiet Space

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