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Shared Spaces Signage

01 June 2023

15:00 -20:00

Interactive Design Exhibit Presented By Merson Group, With The Support of Weston Williamson & Partners and Network Rail.

Shared Spaces Signage is an interactive design showcase demonstrating the potential for creating inclusive and people-centred spaces by exploring the intersection of traditional product design, virtual reality, station spaces, and community. The exhibit is presented by Merson Group, with the support of Weston Williamson & Partners and Network Rail.

The exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to engage with the 3D design of Network Rail’s new signage system through virtual and augmented reality technology and see first-hand how it can be used to enhance the passenger experience through inclusive, consistent, and flexible design.

The signage 3D design was developed to compliment new Station Wayfinding Guidance produced by Network Rail, featuring Rail Alphabet 2 a new typeface designed by Margaret Calvert & Henrik Kubel.

Real materials and prototype models will also be on show to create a genuine link between the physical and virtual design process and see how they would look and feel in full scale stations.

Shared Spaces Signage is an exciting and innovative exhibit that offers visitors the chance to engage with cutting-edge technology and gain insights into Network Rails vision to create public spaces that are passenger focused, truly inclusive and community-driven.



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Merson Group

Twitter: @mersongroup

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Image: Cinnamon Photography/Merson Group


Weston Williamson

12 Valentine Place, London

Nearest station: Southwark Station, Waterloo, London Bridge


Wheelchair accessible

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