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Robin Hood Gardens

13 June 2023

18:30 -20:30

The documentary "Robin Hood Gardens" takes a closer look at the intentions and failures of a brutalist housing complex in East London, delving into the reasons for its downfall from its inception in 1972
to its current state in ruins.
Through exploring the remnants of this utopian idea for modern living, the film seeks to understand the shortcomings of modernism and the potential for learning from the design
to improve the living spaces of tomorrow.
Moreover, the film's investigation goes beyond the mere topic of design, painting a polychromatic portrait of the building complex and exploring issues such as social housing, urban participation, sustainability challenges, and cultural contradictions of preservation.
As we watch the story unfold, it becomes clear that these issues are not unique to Robin Hood Gardens alone, but rather a common problem that we all face as we seek to rethink the city.

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Beyer & Dorschner Film Production

Instagram: @dorschner_adrian

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Image: Beyer & Dorschner Film Production


Genesis Cinema

93-95 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London, Vereinigtes Königreich
London E1 4UJ


Wheelchair accessible
Accessible toilet

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