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Hands Across the Ocean: Muralism Workshop

27 June 2023

11:00 -17:00

Join acclaimed South American artists Chota 13 from Columbia and Moreno from Guatemala with London based Apparan for an interactive workshop on the power of social transformation through the arts. Reclaiming parts of the public realm, be that sides of a building or underneath railways arches, these artists work at the intersection of art, architecture and activism.

The artists will share their personal stories and experiences of social transformation through the arts before Chota, acclaimed muralist and peace activists leads a mural painting workshop.

This workshop will inform a wider project 'Hand across the ocean' which will see John Serna, ‘Chota’ from the infamous Comuna 13, Medellin, Colombia, and ‘Bread Bunny’ from Brixton, come together to create a mural in Brixton which spreads a message of non-violence, hope and unity. This mural will be delivered in 2024.



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Image: Chota


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