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Money, Community & Me

18 June 2023

14:00 -18:00

An interactive community discussion that invites participants to explore the idea of an "economy of place" in Brixton. We’ll bring together local residents, businesses, and community groups to explore and envision what economic empowerment means for Brixton.

Through interactive activities, discussions, and talks, participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas about their relationship with money, and what that means for their community, and for Brixton as a whole.

This will raise awkward questions, and there won’t be easy answers, but Brixton Mint is founded in the belief that; “Brixton People Know What We Need, Brixton People Have What We Need” - that the important question is - how to bring needs and capacity together?

Join us for this engaging and informative event that seeks to promote a collaborative and inclusive approach to economic development. We can build an empowering and resilient economy for ourselves.

This is an open access event - whilst this event is targeted at people who have a local connection to Brixton, we are happy that anyone with a strong interest is welcome to attend.


Feel free to turn up on the day and register at the door. However you can check for more event information and to signup beforehand for your convenience and ours.

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Jennifer Walker

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Image: Talha Khan/Brixton MINT


Upstairs at the Ritzy (Ritzy Cinema)

London SW2 1JG

Nearest station: Brixton Tube Station, Brixton National Rail Station


Mobility Impaired Walker
Assistance dogs welcome
Accessible toilet
Baby Changing Facility
Personal Assistant or Carer Discount

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