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‘In Common’ | A Lived Experience

23 June 2023

18:00 -20:30

London, a city that never sleeps. It’s buildings, streets and skyline are familiar to billions and home to millions. A busy and vibrant city in which everyone is always going somewhere. To work, to a party, to see a friend, to the gym, it never ends. Everyone is on a different journey as they go about their lives, but one thing In Common to all is the buildings we inhabit and how they make us feel we belong. A commonality to want to belong to a place or a group, somewhere to call home.

Guests are invited to spend an evening with the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, hosted by Chartered Architectural Technologist Niall Healy, the evening will consist of a series of presentations along the theme of ‘In Common’.
- Kevin Crawford, President CIAT will open the event at the wonderful EH Smith Design Studio based in Clerkenwell; the London home of the Brick & Ceramic Experts, who have been advising architectural designers, clients and contractors for almost a century.
- A journey into the work of Chartered Architectural Technologist, Dr Gihan Badi FCIAT and how elements of psychology have informed all work and client relationships. How this then feeds into the design process; the what, and the how technology and space are used. Leaving all clients with a building that not only meets their needs, but leaves them all with a sense of belonging to a building they can call home.
- A presentation from Colin Savage FCIAT to delve further into how design is used to create a sense of belonging, in particular in the shared space known as Canada Street.
- A glimpse into the work of CIAT-Accredited Conservationist, Paul Travis FCIAT and how his work has enabled us all, to continue to enjoy and meaningfully engage with, the buildings we all have ‘in common’ including those buildings we have inherited from the past. Focussing on the role of conservation and architectural technology has played in preserving the integrity and function of one of our most-beloved historic buildings, Hampton Court Palace.

- There will be time for discussion, debate and questions around the theme.
Beer, wine and light refreshments will be served.



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Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists

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Image: Benjamin Davies


EH Smith Design Studio

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