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Holding The Flame

01 June - 30 June

History is not set in stone, so why should statues be?

An Augmented Reality Statue designed to speak to its location, giving voice to a living subject who has a direct relationship with the site.
Holding the Flame is an AR-Statue* that breaths & speaks, featuring living civil rights campaigner Marcia Rigg.
Marcia stands addressing Brixton police station. One hand offers flowers as she does every year, in a gesture of love & remembrance of her brother Sean Rigg, who died in Police custody here in 2008, the other holds a lit vigil candle, clenched in a black power fist.

Created by Brixton’s award winning public arts company Aswarm led by artist Thor McB, commissioned for 81 Acts of Exuberant Defiance, an initiative designed to question & stimulate discussion about the state of race relations, 40 years on from the 1981 Brixton Uprisings, produced by The Brixton Project.

*(Access via Mobile App: 'Aswarm XR')



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Twitter: @aswarmthing
Instagram: @aswarm_works

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Image: Thor McIntyre-Burnie


Canterbury Square, outside Brixton Police Station

Canterbury Cres, Brixton Rd, London SW9 7DE

The AR-Statue is located & triggered via sign & planter in Canterbury Square, outside Brixton Police Station.

STEP 1: Download the free App called 'Aswarm XR' from*:
- Apple: The Appstore (
- Android: Google Play store ( .

*There is a QR link to the app onsite, on the sign planter too, but ideally we recommend downloading the app beforehand, via fast wifi rather than rely on mobile date to download ( * Note: it may take 1-5mins to download & open, depending on network & device).

STEP 2: Go to Canterbury Square, then open 'Holding The Flame' from within the 'Aswarm XR' App menu and follow the instructions to stand on the correct side of the sign (with your back to the police station) .
i.e. The app will open your phone camera >> you direct it toward the trigger image on the sign planter in the square, as directed >> follow the arrow down & tap >> Marcia's statue will appear in your camera's view and her breath be heard. * Press the 3 bar menu icon to hear her speak.

Nearest station: Brixton


Wheelchair accessible
Level Access and Automatic Doors (or No Doors)
Mobility Impaired Walker
Assistance dogs welcome

For queries regarding access requirements for this event please contact:

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