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Friedrich Engels, Catherine Bauer and the Housing Question

11 June 2023

14:00 -16:00

Housing is our shelter and a basic human need we share in common. Friedrich Engels raised the 'Housing Question' 150 years ago. But what's the answer?

Catherine Bauer set out to explore the answers suggested by social democracy in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. Where are we today?

The walk will look at Marx and Engels in the Soho of the 19th century and explore their ideas of exploitation, competition, profit and the accumulation of capital and how this impacts housing provision.

As we wind our way to Red Lion Square we will look at what's been built and how and why, through the lens of Catherine Bauer's seminal book Modern Housing.

William Morris lived for a time in Red Lion Square. And perhaps that's both an end point and a starting point for a housing future; based on people's common needs and art and craft.



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Danny Bee


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Image: Danny Bee


Carlisle Street

Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BJ

We will meet in the cul-de-sac part of Carlisle Street, Soho, at 2pm.


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