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Collaborative Drawing Into Sculpture Workshop

01 June 2023

18:00 -20:00

How can drawing help us move between two and three dimensions? How might we consider sculpture taking up space instead of sitting on a white plinth?

In this workshop with young artist Alex Heard, we will be approaching the sculptures of Anthony Caro through drawing both small details and wider views of his architectural installations. This will be our ‘way in’ to better understand Caro’s use of space and it’s relation to the human figure. We will then begin to playfully reinterpret our drawings, collaboratively building installations using cardboard and other found materials to quickly construct our own assemblages.

Through this collaborative way of working, we will explore what we have in common and learn from each other by sharing creative practices.

Visitors will be free to explore Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery's current exhibition Anthony Caro: The Inspiration of Architecture as part of the workshop.



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Image: Photo by Eye to Pencil.


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