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Australia’s Most Unique Modernist Architect: Iwan Iwanoff

05 June - 17 June

Photographer Jack Lovel has documented Iwan Iwanoff’s distinctive mid-century architecture located in the suburbs of the world’s most isolated city, Perth, Australia.

Working in the new everyday suburbs of Perth, the Bulgarian-born, German-trained architect emigrated to the island continent in 1950. As an outsider, Iwan Iwanoff quickly worked out how to build in the harsh light of Perth. His expressive style and use of common concrete blocks make his work distinct and iconic to locals, yet he is unknown to international audiences. The suburbs of Perth are scattered with the remaining houses, most with no heritage protection, and have inspired locals who have grown up with them.

Iwanoff’s revolutionary work has always captivated architectural photographer Jack Lovel. Having spent his formative years in a family home designed by the visionary architect, Iwan’s aesthetic left a lasting impression on Jack. In 2016, determined to document Iwanoff’s stunning body of work, he set out to capture the remaining relics of the architect's career.

The stark light and infinite blue skies of Western Australia played an instrumental role in shaping Iwanoff’s approach to architecture – something which Jack conveys honestly in his photographs. His images provide insight into Iwanoff's distinctive style and visual language. They serve as a lasting testament to the impact of his legacy.

Jack recently published the limited-edition hardcover book ‘Catching Light’ featuring a selection of architectural and interior details. With a foreword by architect Stuart Harrison and an introduction by Nicolai Iwanoff, it showcases the evolution and magnitude of Iwanoff’s work. The project was featured as part of this year's Modernism Week in Palm Springs. / @jack.lovel



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Image: Last light at Marsala House - Jack Lovel


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