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Brixton Mural Tour

05 June - 30 June

10:00 -16:00

Take yourself on a self-guided tour of Brixton, exploring the historical and influential murals which reflect the cultural and political past and present.

Murals are indicators of both place and time. During the 1970s and 80s, London became an important centre for mural production. Architecture and the built environment operated as a canvas to reflect the political climate, social context and the communities who collaboratively made them giving a 'sense of place' and creating an identity for neighbourhoods.

These qualities define the murals that populate Brixton today. Explore what Marvin Gaye was trying to say in Dreph's 'What's Going On' mural, pay tribute to the legends; David Bowie, TY and Chadwick Boseman.

Collect your free map from our studio and explore how architecture and public art collide. Learn about the artwork on route, and plan your journey to pass key landmark locations.




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Image: BoonBrown


Tunstall Hall

BoonBrown, Bernay's Grove, London

Look up - in white letters see Tunstall Hall! Between the arches, there is a buzzer which notifies us that you require access to the building.

Nearest station: Brixton Tube


Wheelchair accessible
Assistance dogs welcome
Accessible toilet
Gender Neutral Toilet

For queries regarding access requirements for this event please contact:

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